Question: Can Sirius/XM Satellite Radio be added to Custom Autosound radios?

Answer: Yes. But the USA-630 cannot be used with the SXV-300 direct SIRIUS/XM tuner. And adding the hideaway Sirius/XM is not always easy to install in classic Corvettes, Mustangs, T-Birds or any car with limited space behind the dash. However, two options exist:

  1. The Sirius/XM DOCK AND PLAY units (Onyx EZ, Onyx Plus, Stratus 7, etc.) can be added by playing them through the RCA Aux input. Advantage: using a Dock & Play unit allows the user to have only one account for multiple vehicles by using additional car docks.

  2. Consider adding the Bluetooth module/ built in Bluetooth radio and getting a Sirius XM account for your phone. Advantage: well, it’s on your phone.

Question: Is it necessary to hook up the yellow memory wire when installing a Custom Autosound Radio even if I do not need the memory?

Answer: Yes. The unit will not turn on without the memory wire connected.

Question: Can I add an additional amplifier to drive the speakers?

Answer: Yes. Custom Autosound radios have RCA pre-outs allowing you to add amp/ amps.

Question: If I do not have a power antenna, can I use the blue (power antenna) wire as the remote turn-on for an amp?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I get the Custom Autosound Kick-panels without speakers?

Answer: Yes, with the exception of a few models (KCHV-67, KCHV-68/2, KNOV66/7, KNOV-68/2 and KCAM-67/8), kick-panel can be ordered without speakers. Be sure to check the speaker depth prior to choosing your speaker of choice. Custom Autosound has carefully selected the speakers in our kick-panels for performance and installation requirements.

Question: My USA-630 seems to be stuck in a “Search” mode and will not stay on any one station but for a few seconds. What can I do?

Answer: Look at the display to see if “TA” appears on the screen. If so press and hold the “MODE” button until it disappears. If the radio does not lock on to any station, check the antenna.