Secretaudio Radio

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Secretaudio Radio

Stealth Sound Technology
The SST is a 200 Watt AM/FM CD controller with USB MP3/WMA Flash Drive, IPod control, CD control and Satellite Radio Control; Featuring "RF" (radio frequency) remote control, ideal for Street Rods and Classics. The SST hideaway radio is designed to provide a classic car or truck with exceptional audio quality while leaving the dash and original radio visible in the dash. The SST receiver / amplifier unit is usually hidden underneath the driver's seat or behind the dashboard and integrates with the vehicle's speaker system; if the speakers are for a mono radio they should be replaced with Custom Autosound DVC speakers or DUAL speakers. 

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• 200 Watt AM/FM Stealth Audio Solution (50W x 4)

• USB MP3/WMA Flash Drive Player

• Alpha Numeric LCD Display. (Shows artist/song titles on IPod/USB/Satellite)

• Direct CD Changer Control (Custom Autosound CD player sold separately)

• 4 Channel 3V RCA Pre-Outs

• Subwoofer Pre-Out

• 4-way Fader

• 5 Selection EQ Curves - Pop/Jazz/Classic/Beat/Rock

• Zero Memory Current Draw (no car battery drain when not in use)